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How Good Nutrition Builds the Complete Child
Apr. 20
Malnutrition has serious consequences on the short- and long-term development of a child. Therefore, NPH ensures all children maintain a nutritious diet to thrive physically and mentally. NPH El Salvador explains how.
From Ill Health to Academic Excellence
Apr. 16
Alexandra comes from a very low-income family. She came to NPH El Salvador with many ailments. She is now excelling as a community student at our school. See how NPH turns lives around, in more ways than one.
Our Voices: Melvin from NPH El Salvador
Mar. 10
Before Melvin arrived at NPH El Salvador, he had never attended school. For Our Voices, he wrote a four page letter thanking God, godparents and NPH staff for supporting during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our Voices: Lucia from NPH El Salvador
Feb. 12
Lucia is a dedicated university student, studying psychology. In her Our Voices letter, she shares her thoughts and concerns about the COVID-19 crisis and the impact on her family and communities in El Salvador.
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Godparents Needed

Marcial: “The Value of a Glass of Milk”
Jun. 4
This year, NPH El Salvador has enabled a year of service youth to gain experience on the farm. Initially, Marcial was skeptical. Now, he has learned the hard work it takes to produce a glass of milk for his NPH family.
Light of Hope for the Future
Dec. 15
Meet Marie, a university student at NPH El Salvador who survived a difficult path before she arrived at Casa Sagrada Familia. She now looks forward to the festive holiday season.
Two Sisters Make Special Christmas Memories at NPH El Salvador
Dec. 13
From piñatas to posadas, two girls explain why they love this time of year and their NPH family.
NPH El Salvador: The Light That Changed My Life
Oct. 23
Melvin says NPH El Salvador saved his life after he was abandoned at a young age by his parents. He now has his sights set on studying at university. Read how NPH breaks the cycle of poverty.
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  59 full time volunteers
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