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Our New Cooking Workshop, an Achievement to Share
Mar. 11
The school at NPH El Salvador created a cooking workshop for the ABC students.
Ten Years of Light in Heaven
Nov. 3
Celebrating Father Wasson’s ten years of light in heaven.
Pupusas are a Favorite Food in Our House
Oct. 11
Pupusas are a traditional dish in our country, and is one dish all the kids love.
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Godparents Needed

My NPH Family, My Blessing
May 10
"I am very thankful because NPH has shown me that they love me.”
From Darkness to Light
Mar. 11
"After I arrived at NPH, everything changed."
The Story of A Great Leader
Feb. 10
A true leader is the one who thinks about others before oneself.
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Catechism Teacher
Jan. 12
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  3,258 supported children
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  125 full time volunteers
  423 Holy Sacraments
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