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Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the International Volunteer Program start date has been postponed to January 2021. We encourage qualified applicants to continue applying, and we look forward to welcoming new volunteers to our homes soon.


Volunteer Program

NPH El Salvador is a self-contained flourishing home located off the main highway between the busier Santa Ana city and smaller town of Texistepeque. Casa Sagrada was established in 1999 as the sixth NPH home. Approximately 250 children and youths live at the main site while university students live in student homes in Santa Ana.

NPH El Salvador accepted its first long term volunteers in January of 2007. Although we don’t always have volunteer opportunities in our home, we look forward to continue inviting more devoted, independent and faithful volunteers into our family in the future.

We can have two to four volunteers at a time. Currently we have no volunteers serving in NPH El Salvador because we are seeking experienced professionals (therapists, psychologists, etc.) to help create new programs and train locals to move forward with existing programs in the home. We ask that volunteers who want to serve at our home are at least 21-years-old, have graduated from university, have experience in their profession and fluency in Spanish. We also ask volunteers to be available to work at the home for a period of 12 months.

At this time, we do not accept married couples that would like to volunteer together and unfortunately we do not have housing for volunteer families.

NPH El Salvador is one of our medium sized homes where our qualified staff of 125 caregivers, administration and other employees cares for nearly 260 children. As our home is remotely located and volunteers spend most of their time, including free time, at the home. Due to safety concerns, volunteers need to understand that they will not be able to go to and from the home on their own.

Due to continued housing constraints, we are only able have two male and two female volunteers maximum at any given time. Volunteers will have a private room and bathroom in the same building as the children. Sharing a building with the children provides a wonderful opportunity to become a part of their lives, but also brings obvious challenges, including a lack of privacy. However, you become very much an integrated part of their lives and have the opportunity to make quite an impact.

In addition to volunteers work responsibilities, we ask that volunteers be engaged in home activities and also planning additional activities for the children. Volunteers truly become a part of the day-to-day happenings in the home and in the lives of the children so we ask that volunteers are engaged and willing to participate.

Applicants interested in volunteering at NPH El Salvador should have a true desire to become a part of our family, be very flexible and be self-motivated. We look to our volunteers to support the work that is already being done here, rather than to make drastic changes in our home. One of the most important things volunteers can offer our children is love. Someone to listen to them, play with them, love them and support them.





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