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Children Stories

Jun. 4, 2018
'Why I decided to Be a Teacher'
Meet Jameson*, a young man who found his vocation to serve others during a simple act of love.
Mar. 20, 2018
Blessed Angels from the Community
Emily* and Sam* are two siblings who live in the community outside our home; they are part of our Centro de Atención Infantil (CAI) and their lives have become brighter when they became part of our daycare program.
Dec. 8, 2017
Collecting Memories of Christmastime
Marlene* is an eight-year-old girl who never celebrated Christmas before NPH.
Dec. 1, 2017
My Unique Top 3 Moments of 2017
A year full of new experiences and opportunities for Melvin.*
May 10, 2017
My NPH Family, My Blessing
"I am very thankful because NPH has shown me that they love me.”
Mar. 11, 2017
From Darkness to Light
"After I arrived at NPH, everything changed."



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