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Jun. 29
NPH El Salvador: "We are with you"
Boys at Casa Sagrada Familia send messages of love and hope to godparents and donors around the world.
May 21
Dr. Karla Monterrosa Answers COVID-19 Questions
Youths at NPH El Salvador asked their COVID-19 questions to Dr. Karla Monterrosa. This is what she had to say...
May 5
NPH El Salvador Brings Hope and Provisions to Vulnerable Communities
Inspired by our founder’s philosophy, NPH El Salvador helps hermanos mayores, community families, and those caring for vulnerable groups during the nationwide COVID-19 quarantine.
Apr. 30
NPH El Salvador Evolves To Meet Changing Needs in the Pandemic
Like homes and communities around the world, Casa Sagrada Familia bears the brunt of supply shortages, escalating costs, and local panic.
Apr. 15
Photo Essay: Living the Catholic Faith at NPH El Salvador
Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, our home in El Salvador celebrated Holy Week in a unique way and reinforced the Christian values kids are taught in NPH homes.
Apr. 9
How El Salvador Says Hello
There are so many safe and healthful ways to greet a friend these days
Apr. 9
Wash Your Hands, Lavate Las Manos
NPH El Salvador show you how to wash your hands the right way.
Mar. 31
COVID-19: A Physician Faces Her Greatest Challenge
NPH El Salvador’s main physician helps protect hundreds of children and staff from the threat of a global pandemic.
Mar. 20
NPH El Salvador Children Send Love to Virus Sufferers
As COVID-19 grabs the world's attention, our children in El Salvador pray for those suffering from the virus and busy themselves with healthy endeavors in their NPH homes
Jan. 22
Year in Review: NPH El Salvador Helps Children and Youth succeed in 2019
Education and career support helped pequeños of all ages prepare for a future of their own making at NPH El Salvador in 2019.
Dec. 12
The Flavor of Salvadoran Christmas: Stewed Chicken with Rice
Learn how to make the traditional Salvadoran Christmas dinner, which the children at NPH El Salvador will enjoy on Christmas Night.
Apr. 9
Healthcare for New Arrivals to NPH El Salvador
A step-by-step guide to the thorough medical care that all of our children receive when joining our home.
Oct. 23
Teaching for Life
Receiving life skills is an essential part of NPH.
Sep. 7
The Importance of Early Childhood Development
Neurological research shows that the early years play a key role in children’s brain development.
Aug. 20
Celebrating 12 Years of Blessings from Heaven
Father William Wasson passed away on August 16, 2006. Since then, he has become an angel for all of the NPH homes.
Jun. 3
Memories Made at the Farm
Visiting NPH El Salvador’s farm is always an adventure.
May 4
Angels Secretly Working for our Children
We are grateful to everyone who helps support our mission.

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