A Hard-Working Employee Finds Her Own Successes In Life

Her wonderful character and the quality of care she provides has earned her much respect.
August 22, 2014 - El Salvador

"Tia Loly" as we all lovingly call her.

My name is María Dolores Bernal. It has been thirteen years since my mother died, and when she died I asked God to provide me with a work opportunity that would allow me to be close to my children. Previously I worked in the capital, and I was far away from them. It was at that time that I learned about Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™, and that it was nearby to where I lived. I then met a person who collaborated with the foundation and offered to take me there to get more information.

With much enthusiasm I arrived and saw the babies’ house. It was then that the director of the home asked me if I would stay, and I said ‘yes.’ I was very thankful for being able to work with the little ones. I learned to love, show tenderness and joy to all the ones who needed attention. Little by little, I learned each of their names, and my work became something very special. Those days were short, but I enjoyed every little moment from when I gave them a hug or played with them. I had the blessing of meeting and knowing Father Wasson who was a valuable person that inspired love, tenderness and peace himself.

Nowadays, I work in Casa Santa María (the girls’ house) as the director. I feel happy to have received such an answer from God to allow me to continue serving others. I have seen with great joy the growth of many of these little ones. I have been present for their graduations, and each special event only to realize that we share together the joys of each one of their achievements. For me, it is a thing of pride to see them overcome bad situations and complete the dreams of our dear Father Wasson.

I am very thankful for God and Father Wasson and being able to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary as a home. I ask God that He give me the opportunity to continue working for this great family of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™ in El Salvador.

Jose Juan Lizarde   
Communication and Project Coordinator




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