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Responsible, affectionate and dedicated to serving in the needs of the NPH children.
November 28, 2014 - El Salvador

Indeed, he looks better?

My name is Dionicio Rodriguez. I came to work for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos in June 2004. For me, it was something new in my life as I had never worked with children. It is very special. The treatment and instruction I received from all the personnel was excellent. I remember that they were workers who had grown up in NPH, that is to say, they are Hermanos Mayores (older siblings).

I also remember the first caregivers I met from other NPH homes; they gave me much support and taught me what this job is all about, that it is something admirable. They especially taught me to care, to understand, to support, and to serve this great family. That is to say, to surrender my soul and heart for those most in need.

So little by little, I got to know and relate well with all the children, and I have come to love them so much that when I think about retiring, they are the ones that give me the necessary strength to keep moving forward. The young boys that I once cared for are now grown adults and are finishing their higher education studies.

Life in NPH is another world. I am sure that it is a wonderful work of God. I thank God so much for having given me the opportunity to be able to contribute even just a little grain of sand to our children here that are like my own children.

I feel proud to be able to see the how the boys that I took care of when I arrived have grown. They are the ones that I taught how to bathe themselves, change their clothing, do laundry, iron, study, and be responsible for their homework.

Above all, I want them to know that all that they have is not because of some magic trick, but rather it is because of our Heavenly Father who sent us a beautiful angel, who was, is, and will always be Father Wasson. I tried to teach the boys that all is due to the work and mercy of God. Now, I see that many of these boys are in high school and some are in the university. That is something that satisfies me because I have watched them grow throughout their lives here in NPH.

Personally, what is the best for me has been the support of my coworkers. It is perfect, and there is always a hand that reaches out to me whenever I have found myself in difficult situations. I sincerely feel indebted to them for so many favors that they have done for me with respect to their helpfulness.

The truth is that this is a great and extensive family in which I have learned so much. I value all that, thanks to God, I have achieved.

My goal is that I would like it if one day the boys see me as part of their family, like a grandfather or an uncle to them, but I feel that for all that I do, they realize that we will always be united in this family.

I want to continue contributing my efforts for them, seeing them grow in our home. It saddens me to think of leaving them. It would be as if my life were fading without them. For this reason, as long as God permits me, I want to keep moving forward in NPH.

José Juan Lizarde   
Communication Officer




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