From Darkness to Light

"After I arrived at NPH, everything changed."
March 11, 2017 - El Salvador

Caetano* when he was 9 years old in our school.

Every person faces difficulties in their lives, and it can feel impossible to reflect on God’s plans when face-to-face with the problem.

Caetano*, an eighteen-year-old boy proves to be an exception. “I understand God has a purpose for my life. I have so many opportunities at NPH that I would not have had if I had continued living with my mother. So I know God had his perfect plan for us when my mother passed away.” Caetano has three brothers and they all lived with their mother because their father was not able to provide the children with everything they needed. “My childhood was very poor; I remember my mother went to wash people’s clothes so she could earn some money to feed us.”

When he was eight years old, his mother passed away, leaving the kids with no one ideal to raise them. Thus, Caetano and his brothers arrived at NPH in 2006.

When he came to NPH, his life changed. He began to know more about God and little by little he became interested in learning more about religion. “I remember I imagined my life as a journey and I was traveling in a double-seat bicycle. I was the one leading the way; there was no one in the backseat. Once I came to NPH, I realized that God is the one in the driver’s seat and I am the one sitting in the backseat. God guides my life.”

With the passing of time, Caetano grew in his faith, to the point that he is now the sacristan of our church, as part of his year of service. “My faith grew every time I learned something new about God and it was then that I was able to understand that God had a perfect plan for me. Now I am about to graduate high school and I know that by being with my mother, I would not have been able to study. For sure I want to continue studying in order to become someone productive for our society.”

“Having faith is important because it allows us to believe in God’s perfect plan for our lives. Sometimes my faith is weak, but I believe God is with me all the time. I really like the role I have been assigned because I am able to put my faith into action by serving others and sharing with others everything I know about God’s Word. I know among my brothers and sisters here, there are some times in which we feel sad or doubt God’s existence due to the backgrounds we come from, but I am also sure that I was put in this role for a reason and I try to help them. I like to give them advice and share my experience with them so they feel better. Service plays an important role for me because that is what Jesus did; so I take my cross and I follow him.”

“Easter is a special season for me. We talk about how Jesus saved our lives by dying on the cross. I love Easter because it represents new life. I used to live in the darkness, but after my arrival at NPH and knowing God, my life is bright now and I firmly believe that someday I will be with God.” Caetano has changed a lot since he came to live with us; his faith has grown and now he is a boy who inspires peace.

*Name changed to protect privacy

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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