Top 3 Moments of 2018

Each year brings accomplishments and challenges. For 17-year-old Yamileth the past year was one of blessings. She shares her top 3 moments of 2018.
January 2, 2019 - El Salvador

Yamileth is an admirable young woman full of dreams.

Yamileth considers herself “a hardworking, happy, and friendly girl.” She came to NPH El Salvador when she was seven. Now age 17, she has come of age in a supportive, caring environment. Living at NPH means a lot to her. "It's like a dream come true," she said. "We receive everything we need. It’s our opportunity to overcome our pasts.”

In her free time, Yamileth enjoys music. Thanks to her musical talents and strong work ethic, she achieved much last year. Here she recounts her top moments of 2018.

Achieving her dream to graduate

“This year I graduated from high school. For me, it was a challenge because the last year of high school was very demanding. I had to learn how to balance my responsibilities. Since I am part of the choir of NPH, I constantly needed to practice music, plus do homework and study for exams in my little free time. I usually went to bed very late, but I really wanted to be responsible in all areas. At the moment I received my diploma I felt very excited and happy to have reached one of my goals in life. ”

Great reward of her effort

Since beginning her studies, Yamileth has been an exceptional student. When she graduated from the NPH campus school, she received the integral student award for her outstanding work and effort in ninth grade. She attended a bilingual high school and, even though it was a new challenge, she continued to excel and surprise herself. “During the graduation ceremony, they called my name because I had earned the highest scores in my class. The school awarded me a medal with my diploma. I felt very proud of myself. It was then that I understood all my effort had brought me excellent results. It was an unforgettable moment.”

Traveling to the U.S.

Not only is Yamileth very talented in her academic studies, she also plays two instruments. Over the past five years she has mastered the violin and the bass. “This year I was chosen to participate in a tour and represent NPH El Salvador in the United States. It was my second time traveling there. During the trip, we had the opportunity to play our music and get to know wonderful people and different places. It was a unique experience and I am very thankful that I got to do it one more time.”

Looking ahead

“I’m grateful for all the blessings God gave me this year. For 2019 I have a couple of goals that I will reach with God’s help. I would like to continue playing violin and bass in the choir. It will be hard because I have to do my year of service at NPH, but I really want to continue. Also, I would love to participate in the different workshops that NPH offers. And I would like to read more—a habit that will help me reach my long-term goal to become a teacher.”

Seeing our kids achieve their goals makes the NPH El Salvador family feel proud. We are certain that Yamileth will continue collecting both cherished memories and accomplishments in her life. “I’m very thankful for all the supporters who help us to make our dreams come true. It is thanks to all of them that we are able to have everything we didn’t have in the past. I am very grateful and happy to have different opportunities at NPH and I will continue to work hard in order to continue reaching my goals in life.”

Children’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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