The Successes of a Hardworking Pequeña

Digna lived at NPH for 13 years then graduated as an accountant.
December 18, 2016 - El Salvador

This is Digna, a very hardworking woman who has clear goals in life.

Digna came to live at NPH when she was 10 years old. She spent many hours of her life studying. When it was time to go to the university she decided to study accounting. In 2012 she finished her studies successfully, and then she did an internship in the accounting department at NPH El Salvador. This was a requirement to graduate.

Digna graduated as an accountant in November 2013, and it was a huge step towards reaching one of her dreams of becoming a professional. Digna said that in the beginning it was very hard to find a job when she left the NPH home. “In our country there are not too many job opportunities, and especially since most places require experience. It is very difficult to find a job where you are able to show your potential, and if you find one then it is hard to apply because there are many people applying. There are times you may feel insecure when facing a new world. Thank God I did not have too many problems finding a job in my area. This was also due to the friendships I made during my university studies. It is important to create bonds that help your personal and professional growth.”

“I know many hermanos mayores who do not have a job at this time. I believe this is because of different reasons like the lack of job experience, and the reality of violence that our country is passing through.” This is the reality that our kids face when they leave NPH; however, with effort and responsibility they can reach their goals. Digna is currently working in an accounting and audit office, and she says she is truly happy working there. “I really like it because I am putting into practice what I learned at the university and at NPH. I am currently having an amazing professional development.”

“I believe something important to keep in mind for all the youth who are about to begin their professional lives is to be positive so they are aware that they are able to develop their abilities, no matter the difficulty, and they are able to do things right. Establishing clear goals in their lives and work really hard in order to reach them is also very important.” Digna is conscious that her life would have been different if she had not had the opportunity to prepare herself for the future. “My experiences at NPH are unforgettable because everything that I am right now is thanks to NPH. I will always be thankful with my NPH family for everything they gave me. I am especially thankful because they provided me with university studies so I could reach my dream. I am very glad to be part of this wonderful family.”

“I have very good memories from my life here. Something really special was receiving a Christmas gift from National Director Olegario Campos and Father Ron Hicks on the morning of Christmas Eve every year. Christmas is still a very special season in my life. I usually get together with other hermanos mayores and we prepare a delicious dinner and spend beautiful moments together. It is like bringing the moments we had at NPH back.”

Digna is an admirable woman who has worked really hard in order to achieve her goals in life. She is in constant contact with the NPH family, and she usually visits our home for special celebrations like anniversaries and the posadas.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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