'Why I decided to Be a Teacher'

Meet Jameson*, a young man who found his vocation to serve others during a simple act of love.
June 4, 2018 - El Salvador

Meet Jameson* a university student who is working hard to become a teacher.

Jameson* came to NPH when he was eight years old. Throughout the years, he found his dream; a dream that he expects to reach. Currently, he is 23 years old and he is in the third year of his major in university. In a few years, he will be a teacher.

“Before coming to NPH, I lived in another home, and when I came here, I noticed how different things were. Everything was better; I liked it more here. One of the things I remember the most is when I met Fr. Wasson. He was visiting our home and he bought donuts for all of us. He passed them out to all of us individually. When it was my turn, I remember he told me: ‘Son, I was waiting for you. I knew you were going to come. We will be your new family.’ Those words meant a lot to me and made me feel part of the NPH family.”

When Jameson was 15 years old, he did something that would change his life’s path. “I remember that there were many young kids at NPH at that time, and the caregivers assigned me and friends the task of reading books to the youngest of the house before going to bed. So every night, we read them stories, and all the kids sat around me while I read. Some of them tried to read with me, but they had problems recognizing the letters. I understood that they needed to practice in order to learn how to do it well. I realized how important a teacher’s job is, because they are in charge of explaining these important things to kids. I wanted to help the boys, and it was then that I decided that I wanted to become a teacher. Currently, I am studying at the university and I will graduate as a teacher in a couple of years. I think studying this major is a great opportunity to serve others, something I’ve learned here at NPH.”

“When I graduate, I would love to work for the school here at NPH. I have always thought that my little brothers and sisters would feel more comfortable if someone they know teaches them. For the moment, I am working as a ‘university support,’ (Apoyo universitario) which means that I help to take care of a group of high school students. In the afternoons, I attend the university and on my free time, I help the boys in my section with their homework as I do my own. I want the kids of NPH to see me as a model and I always motivate them to go to college, to pursue their dreams.”

Jameson is definitely a great, young man who is working really hard to reach his dream. He is full of happiness and humility; we are sure he will do a great job as a teacher.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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