Christmas Time in the Community

“For me, Christmas is a birthday celebration.” Get to know more about how one of our students we support in a neighboring community celebrates Christmas.
November 19, 2018 - El Salvador

Meet Samuel, he is six years old and he is one of our external students.

Samuel* is a six-year-old boy who lives in the community outside of NPH. He lives with his mother, brother, and uncle. Every day, Samuel walks around 15 minutes to arrive at NPH in order to study. He started studying at our home last year and since then he has learned a lot – he is currently studying pre-school and he will soon celebrate his graduation. He is an extroverted boy and enjoys participating in the many different activities that are carried out at NPH.

As any child, Samuel loves celebrating Christmas. Today, he shares about his Christmas celebration at his house.

“I love Christmas because my family gets together and we share dinner. My cousins come to my house and we burn fireworks.” Though the fireworks they are able to purchase are not the traditional ones that show different lights in the sky, they have a lot of fun lighting them.

Traditions vary from family to family, and in this case, one of the traditions of Samuel’s family is that they make the decorations. “My mom gives us paper, we draw and color different pictures and we paste them on the walls.”

Samuel - I asked - do you like to color? And his answer was “Yes!” with a big smile. I printed a page with a drawing that he chose and he got really happy and started coloring. Then he continued talking:

“For me, Christmas is like a birthday celebration; we eat good food, we have fun together, we spend time with the family.” Mary*, his mother, says that for Christmas her siblings usually come to her house with their families and they have dinner together. For them, this time of the year is ideal to spend time together.

At NPH, Christmas is a special time and there are different activities that are celebrated; many of which the students living in our neighboring communities get to participate in!

Last year, the kids of our early childhood education center, Centro de Atención Infantil (CAI) participated in a ‘posada’ which is a tradition that represents the moment that Mary and Joseph asked for shelter when baby Jesus was about to be born. Samuel participated actively in the posada by playing the tambourine. “At NPH we celebrated Christmas with piñatas, candies, and gifts,” says Samuel smiling, “I got a toy car last year!”

The NPH family is starting to build more traditions with the external students; consequently, this year there will be a posada in which all of the kids living in the community outside of our home and the kids of NPH children who are now adults will participate. During the posada, the kids will sing, break piñatas, get candies, and receive gifts; all of this is to show our kids how special they are. Building traditions is what creates good memories, and at NPH we want all of our kids to have good memories of their childhood.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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