The Story of A Great Leader

A true leader is the one who thinks about others before oneself.
February 10, 2017 - El Salvador

Aleyda the day she arrived at NPH in 2006.

Aleyda* came to live at NPH when she was 10 years old. She has three siblings and they all became part of our family in 2006.

Aleyda grew up in a home full of love and care, where she learned to be a responsible person. “I remember when I began studying at school, I had a friend who told me I had to study hard to get good grades. There was a kind of competition among some kids to get the better scores and I started to compete with them. I learned the process of getting good grades and made it a habit in my studies. That simple game made me work harder every time and now, I still get good results in my exams.” Aleyda is currently studying in high school in the Saturday program and during the week, she does her year of service.

Aleyda joined the leadership group 'Paz y Bien' at the beginning of 2016, which has helped her grow and become more confident. She is a leader by nature, and the leadership group has been great help for her in the role she is carrying out right now. She is in charge of a section of girls along with a caregiver. “The girls always tell me they admire me for my behavior and my good grades. That makes me think they see me as a role model, so I try to use my life as a good example for them. I always give them advice and guide them to do the right thing.” For the majority of her life at NPH, she has been a model for the younger girls without actually knowing it.

“Being part of the leadership group is very nice because it makes me notice my own strengths and abilities. It also helps me feel confident for my future. I believe this is really helpful since I want to study at the university and in the group, we receive workshops and speeches about the importance of preparing ourselves for the future.”

“I know our country has different problems and one of them is the lack of equality that women face when looking for jobs. Sometimes it is hard to find a job that offers equal benefits to women; and so by being part of this group, I am learning to see things differently and I am aware I need to continue preparing myself for the future by attending the university and getting my degree. Certainly it will be hard, but I know I am able to do it.” Aleyda really wants to study languages at the university. She said she was inspired to study English when her godparents visited her; they only speak English and she needed a translator to communicate with them. Now she knows the basics of the language and is willing to study it further at the university to become a professional and be able to help her siblings. “I really want to become a professional because I know in that way I will be able to help my siblings to reach their dreams and goals.”

It is exciting to see how the involvement in a positive group like Paz y Bien can influence the mindset of our pequeños and pequeñas, and that it can help motivate them to reach their dreams. The Paz y Bien group will remain working with our pequeños to continue helping them build their futures. And Aleyda will continue on her track to becoming a professional, and working to make her dreams a reality.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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