Family Traditions

Being the National Director for 18 years makes Olegario Campos the father of the kids at NPH El Salvador; he has many stories to tell, but this time he shares some of the special traditions that make us a family.
October 6, 2017 - El Salvador

National Director, Olegario Campos, holding a little girl.

"NPH El Salvador is a family. Just like any other, we have a love that grows stronger every day, special traditions that put our values into practice, and a foundation of which we are proud.

Father Wasson, who started our big NPH family, had a special connection with each of the children; for him, it was important to make them feel part of the family that we are. Little details were key; hugging the children and youth, showing interest in how they were doing; these little acts of kindness made the difference.

That is the example I follow and what I try to do for our children today. I listen to their individual opinions and I also like to talk to them in little groups so that they all have my attention. In those gatherings, I try to make them see the importance of working hard so they can reach their goals in life.

For the NPH family, it is essential to continue with Father Wasson’s legacy and help our kids feel like a family; this is why it is important to keep the traditions we had when Father Wasson was alive. One of the traditions we keep, and one of my personal favorites, is to have a special moment at night before going to bed. This is when the tíos (caregivers) read with the kids and then pray together. This helps take away any anxious thoughts or stress from the day and helps the kids fall asleep with happy thoughts and dreams.

Another important aspect that we greatly value is that our office and school staff get to know the children personally and spend time with them; we invite them to participate in important events which are meaningful for the children; that is, quinceañeras, graduations, baptisms, anniversaries etc. and in this way our kids see them as relatives which is what we all are: a real family.

Keeping all these traditions alive is one part of what makes us a special family, and it helps to create deeper bonds between kids, caregivers and staff."

Olegario Campos, National Director of NPH El Salvador

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator




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