Numbers Make a Big Difference

He has been the accountant for fifteen years, working behind the scenes for the youth of NPH.
November 13, 2017 - El Salvador

Salvador with Miguel Venegas, Executive Director of NPHI, during the 15th anniversary of NPH El Salvador.

Salvador has been working as the NPH El Salvador accountant since May 2002, an experience that he describes as simply 'wonderful'.

A year in the life of the NPH El Salvador accountant involves many responsibilities; a few of these include creating the annual general budget, incorporating the basic needs of the different programs that are developed in the home, and ensuring that funds are justly distributed for the execution of NPH programs.

“What I like the most about working at NPH is that I am able to contribute to the success of the home. The responsibilities of my position help guarantee that each child is able to receive food, education, medical care, and shelter, which are the basic necessities of life. This brings me a sense of great satisfaction in my work.”

He reflects on the many moments that have been meaningful to him over the years. He became the Godfather of two boys when they were baptized, and years later he accompanied one of them to his high school graduation; these are bonds formed for life.

And of course, there have also been the funny moments. “One of the funniest memories I have is when the home organized a celebration for Children’s Day and the employees prepared different shows to present. I did not prepare anything because I was very new; at that moment I had been working at NPH for just one month! But the other employees were encouraging - they found a hat for me to wear and painted a beard on my face, all so that I could perform a Vicente Fernandez song.

The kids got a good laugh from my performance and wondered who the singer was. They did not even know I was an employee. Some years later, I performed 'Ice, Ice Baby' by Vanilla Ice in another celebration and the kids really liked it. Nowadays, they still remember both of my presentations and they continue to tell me how much they enjoyed them!"

On a more serious note, Salvador remembers how the children he knew when he arrived have changed since his arrival 15 years ago. "When I arrived, most of the population were babies and little children. With the pass of time, I have seen them grow up, graduate from high school and some even from the university to reach their goals. Some of them want to study majors similar to mine, and when I talk to them and explain what my job is about, they tell me they want to become accountants because they admire what I do. Those words mean a lot to me because they make me feel that they appreciate my effort.”

Salvador continues, “Father Wasson’s legacy has made a great impact on this job. It has changed my life; working here has helped me grow both personally and professionally, and at the same time, it has been a school for me because I have learned a lot. NPH inspires and motivates me to be more human, merciful and generous. And also, being part of this family has helped me be optimistic, proactive, and take on the roles of a friend, coworker, and brother.”

Salvador’s labor of working with numbers has made a big difference in the development of our home. We thank God for employees like Salvador, who are passionate about their work and make an extra effort to provide our children with everything they need.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator




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