A Fifteen-Year-Old Journey of Love

Tia Loly is an amazing caregiver who has been part of the NPH family for 15 years now.
November 16, 2016 - El Salvador

Tia Loly (on the left) with the four pequeños who recently graduated high school. She met them when they were babies.

Tia Loly began working at NPH in 2001; she remembers that she felt great when she came to work at NPH. Throughout the years Tia Loly has been witness of the changes the kids have passed through. Recently, she saw four kids graduate from high school, who were babies when she came to work at NPH. Seeing the kids grow up is what makes her feel very happy and proud. “As Father Wasson used to say, “Growth is part of life,’ and seeing my babies graduate high school made me feel really happy.”

“For me, NPH is a family that provides support and unconditional love because we take care of the kids in numerous ways. Sometimes we do even more than a regular family would do. Being in charge of a group of kids who are not your sons or daughters makes you realize that you need to take care of them with love and you need to serve them similarly to the service God has taught us. Taking into account the model of Mother Theresa, who left everything in life to dedicate herself to fulfill the needs of others, I can say that is what I would recommend to other caregivers - to serve with love and humbleness to the kids they are in charge of.”

Being one of the longest-standing caregivers at our home, Tia Loly has many stories to tell. There is a special one in mind that she gladly remembers and that still brings tears to her eyes. “There was one boy who came when he was a baby. When he was around 3 years old he began to have some problems with his body. He couldn’t stand up and he couldn’t walk well due to a condition he was born with. I used to help him feel confident, and I remember that when I had to bath him I helped him feel stable so he could stand by himself. I always encouraged him to do it, to stand up and walk. I kept helping him, and one day when I was coming back from my weekend off he came to me running. Just then I felt really happy and proud of him, I even cried. That moment means a lot to me because it makes me feel like I helped him walk. He is thirteen years old now; I consider him my son.”

Tia Loly is now the director of the girls’ house. Being in charge of the house gives Tia Loly have many responsibilities. A big one for her is to show the girls that she loves them and she does so by, “listening to them, by making them feel that their opinions are important, and by providing everything they need. It is also significant to show them that they are part of a big family, our family, and that they all matter. This is one of the principles of NPH: ‘To feel important for the NPH mission.’ This is something I have learned in the 15 years that I have been part of this family.”

“NPH is my family now; and I have to say that working here has changed my life, but at the end of the day one receives more than one can give.” That is the NPH love in a few words.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator




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