NPH El Salvador: "We are with you"

Boys at Casa Sagrada Familia send messages of love and hope to godparents and donors around the world.
June 29, 2020 - El Salvador

NPH El Salvador: "You're in our prayers."

Throughout the world, many countries are beginning to loosen COVID-19 quarantine measures. However, with Latin America and the Caribbean now being the epicenter of the pandemic, lock-down is still very much in place in the countries where NPH have homes, medical services and support communities, with all homes maintaining strict preventive measures to ensure the virus does not affect children and staff.

Even though this has limited how children interact among themselves and being unable to see their biological families outside the home, they still take time to send their hopes and prayers to godparents, sponsors and donors who have continued to support NPH through the hardships caused by the coronavirus, while also being severely impacted by the pandemic.

Boys at NPH El Salvador came together to make placards and videos to send their thoughts to supporters of NPH, with the collective message, "We are with you."

Duban Alejandro Menjivar, who studies tourism at university in El Salvador, sends a loving message to sponsors, donors and godparents during COVID-19.

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Carmina Salazar   
Communication Officer




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