NPH El Salvador Youths Produce Works-of-Art

Through a donation of art supplies from Royal Talens and Diseño - Arte y Dibujo, 19 youths at NPH El Salvador had the opportunity to utilize their creative skills and produce some works-of-art.
January 14, 2021 - El Salvador

Art supplies donated by Royal Talens to NPH El Salvador.

The actor, playwright and singer, Harvey Fierstein, once said, “Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire, and motivate”; and this was precisely how 19 youths from NPH El Salvador felt when they had the opportunity to take part in a special project in October 2020, after receiving a donation of art materials.

NPH Netherlands – Wereldouders - initiated the art project after they contacted Royal Talens, a Dutch-based arts company founded in 1899 in the city of Apeldoorn, to see if they would be interested in supporting the NPH family. With the Royal Talens mission statement being, “We want to enable creative expression for everyone … by stimulating and facilitating as many people as possible, regardless of their level of experience, age, or country of origin,” the company saw great promise in the youths in NPH El Salvador to embrace their art skills and donated art materials through the El Salvador arts store, Diseño - Arte y Dibujo.

The Art Project

In El Salvador, it is not common for children or teenagers from middle or low-income families to practice painting, as materials and art classes are often too expensive, which is the same for NPH. Casa Sagrada Familia, which supports over 120 at-risk children living in the home and a further 158 community children attending the school, there are numerous needs to fulfill such as residential care, food, education and medical care, meaning that the purchase of art materials becomes less of a priority. Thus, receiving a donation, made up of paints, brushes, and sketch books, came as a wonderful gift to NPH El Salvador.

The participants of this project have always been enthusiastic about art and enjoy drawing, coloring and expressing their ideas through pencil and paper. Before the project, none of them had painted on a canvas, nor had they used acrylic paint. However, it was amazing to see how quickly and easily they learned.

One participant, Issac*, who is 19-year-old and currently doing his year-of-service, loves spending his free time drawing. Isaac says, “For me, it was a new experience because I’ve always liked to draw, but participating in this activity was a new challenge because I had to use my imagination and creativity in a different way. I found out that I love painting.”

Isaac’s paintings were full of imagination and the joy on his face was noticeable while he worked on them.

Sandra Velado is a teacher at the Centro de Bienestar Infantil (CBI, former CAI) - Infant Well-being Center - and also enjoys painting. She is a self-taught artist, and likes to practice in her spare time. She adds, “I never had the opportunity to learn how to paint in a class. Everything I know has been acquired by practicing.”

Sandra was in charge of guiding the participants in various workshops at Casa Sagrada Familia. “Having the opportunity to receive an artistic workshop helps kids to discover their abilities and develop their potential. On top of that, it really helps them to express their ideas and feelings,” Sandra adds.

Pedrito*, one of the quietest boys who participated in the project, says, “I saw this opportunity as a way of acquiring more experience in art and learning how to express my ideas.”

The NPH El Salvador family is most grateful to Royal Talens, whom have achieved their mission of enabling creative expression in our youths.

*Names changed to protect the privacy of the youths.

To help us continue creating a more colorful world to our kids and youth, contact Lorena Carpio, Fundraising and Projects Manager at NPH El Salvador, or visit the NPH El Salvador website.

Carmina Salazar   
Communications Officer




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