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September 12, 2016 - El Salvador

Instructor presenting a video at the beginning of the class

NPH El Salvador is blessed to have a school that starts with kindergarten and goes through ninth grade. In our school, the children learn many things. It starts with basic things like numbers and colors, and goes into the more complex things like math and science. Along with our regular classes, the children, starting in first to sixth grade, receive a special etiquette class.

This class is taught three days a week in the afternoons. Here, our children are taught to greet correctly, to be polite, to use a fork, knife, and spoon properly, among other things. The lesson begins with a video that is presented by the instructor and all the students pay attention to it. Then, the instructor explains what the kids saw in the video, and after that she provides the kids with the necessary items for the kids to put into practice what they have learned.

This week they learned how to eat soup at a restaurant. They pretended to be at a restaurant and the instructor provided them with the plates, spoons, napkins, and the soup! All of the kids were excited to be participating and putting into practice what they have just watched. At some point, the kids who wanted more soup, an extra napkin, or had a question, raised their hands to ask the instructor –who was role playing as a waitress to help them.

After the lesson was over, the kids had to wash the dishes and put them in a special place so other kids are able to use them the following class. The children really enjoy attending this class in which their personal presentation is also important. In the afternoons our kids attend school wearing their own clothes since they have to wash their uniforms for the following day. So, the kids who attend this class know they need to get dressed properly to attend.

“I really like this class because it will help me with my future. I am now able to eat at a restaurant,” says one of the students. Another one expresses, “I am enjoying these moments while I am also learning. I think it is very important to learn all the good manners.”

“This class helps the kids to develop themselves and live in society by learning basic things that they have not learned in the places where they come from. This is an opportunity for their future because they are all future parents that will be able to teach and educate their family,” says teacher Tatiana. She is an English teacher who takes this class with the kids twice a month. On the other hand, the instructor, teacher Josefina says, “This is something that will be very helpful for them because it will help them in their lives.”

Our school is constantly looking for the way of helping our kids succeed. This is not an exception because by teaching this etiquette class our kids are educating themselves and acquiring general knowledge that will be helpful for their future.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator




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