Pupusas are a Favorite Food in Our House

Pupusas are a traditional dish in our country, and is one dish all the kids love.
October 11, 2016 - El Salvador

Adrian* showing the corn seeds; the first step to begin with the corn production.

El Salvador has a wide variety of typical foods. Pupusas are one of the most widely represented dishes in our country. A pupusa is a corn tortilla stuffed with beans, pork, or cheese. Of course the ingredients may vary, and as a result there are pupusas made with carrots, meat, peppers, cheese, shrimp, chicken, garlic, and several other ingredients that make them a unique and delicious dish. As any Salvadorian, our kids love to eat pupusas at NPH El Salvador.

As mentioned before, one of the main ingredients to prepare pupusas is corn. The NPH El Salvador family is blessed because corn is produced in our fields. Out of the total amount of corn that is produced in our fields, 80% is used for making food for the kids. The corn is used to prepare tortillas and other typical dishes, like pupusas.

From the moment the seeds are spread across our fields, the process begins. The year of service boys, along with staff, take care of the work in the field. They fertilize them and they take care of them as the corn plants grow. Once the corn plants have produced corncobs they are harvested. The corn is taken to the kitchen where the cooks use it to prepare different dishes.

Here, the process to make pupusas starts. First, the corn needs to be prepared. The cooks cut the kernels off in order to cook the corn. Once it is cooked, it is put in the mill, where it is made into a mixture that is ready to prepare pupusas. At the same time, the other ingredients are also prepared. The beans are cooked, and then they are put into the mill. They are fried in order to get the consistency that is needed to prepare this dish.

Like tortillas, the pupusas are prepared by the cooks with the use of their hands. They take some corn mixture and they form a little ball. Then, they begin to flatten it and they put some cheese and beans on the corn mixture, specifically, in the center of it. After that, they form another ball in order to leave the beans and cheese inside the ball. At this point, they shape the ball into a tortilla with the use of their hands, and they put it on a griddle. Once the pupusa is cooked on both sides is ready to be served. This dish is usually served with cabbage and a tomato sauce.

Pupusas are eaten for special occasions in our home. The kids at NPH El Salvador enjoy this dish, as it is a typical dish of the county where they are from.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator




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