Ten Years of Light in Heaven

Celebrating Father Wasson’s ten years of light in heaven.
November 3, 2016 - El Salvador

National Director, Tío Ole, and his wife, Tía Patty, entering the church with Father Wasson’s picture at the beginning of the Mass.

Father Wasson was a very loving person who cared a lot about his children. For the NPH El Salvador family it is very important that all the kids keep in their hearts the good values that Father Wasson taught us. In this way, the anniversary of his passing to eternal life is a date that we all remember and keep in our hearts. This year the family got together to celebrate ten years of light in heaven; children, caregivers, teachers, staff, and Hermanos Mayores were part of this important celebration.

Our celebration began with a beautiful Mass that was celebrated by Father Raymundo. Each person wrote a prayer, a wish, or special words to Father Wasson on pieces of paper. At the moment of entering the church, everyone placed the piece of paper in a box that was presented in the offertory during mass. The mass, where a group of Hermanos mayores participated, was very special because all the NPH El Salvador family took a time to pray for Father Wasson’s rest. At the end of the mass, our National Director, shared some words and stories about when he lived with Father Wasson, for everyone to keep Father Wasson alive in their hearts. After mass, everyone received the snack that Father Wasson used to share with our kids when he visited: donuts.

All the family then moved to the basketball courts of our home where beautiful decorations and interesting information was awaiting. Each department of our home –clinic, school, caregivers, university students, year of service boys and girls, and office staff- prepared information about each of the nine NPH homes for everyone to learn more about each house. The information was presented in different and creative way and it was placed in different boards. Children and adults were all really interested in learning about the other homes. It was very special because each board included information related to Father Wasson who was the person who initiated this labor of love.

Our home also prepared a museum that included things that Father Wasson used while he visited our home. Among the objects there were his glasses, his mass items, his chair, and different pictures. In this way, all the children were able to remember him and the ones who did not meet him, were able to know more about him. Everyone loved this museum.

All the family ate dinner together in the courts and after eating dinner, there was a special moment where everyone met at the parking lot to light up flying lights. All the pieces of paper with the words for Father Wasson were burned at this moment, which represented that by burning them, he would receive them in heaven. The fire was used to light up candles that were used to light the flying lights. It was a significant moment to see all the flying lights illuminating the sky, as a way to celebrate ten years of light in heaven. Father Wasson will always live in our hearts. All his love and kindness will always be present in our everyday lives.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator




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