Our New Cooking Workshop, an Achievement to Share

The school at NPH El Salvador created a cooking workshop for the ABC students.
March 11, 2017 - El Salvador

The ABC students during a class, preparing the vegetables to cook.

Our students enrolled in the ABC Project are those who learn at a different pace than their peers and benefit from differentiated support outside of the traditional classroom. The ABC Project class meets these students where they are, and helps them develop their potential. Their time in school is divided; they learn the basic subjects and they also work in the piñata workshop, which they love. This past year, the school made an exciting new addition to the program by implementing a workshop for the students to learn basic cooking skills.

The cooking workshop has been a success in that the ABC students love it already. There are six girls and four boys who are part of the class, and they attend twice a week. According to the teacher, this workshop has positively influenced the students because they are getting used to seeing cooking as an everyday activity. At the beginning, some of the students were afraid of making mistakes and often did not want to participate because of it. However, with the pass of time, they all got involved in the workshop and began feeling more confident about themselves and their abilities.

The impact of the cooking workshop on the students has been so great; they have mastered cooking everyday meals that were completely unknown to them before the class. They had no idea how to fry an egg, how to cook and fry beans, or basic skills like peeling fruits correctly. In this way, they have been learning things that will be useful for their future.

As one of Father Wasson’s principles is sharing, our ABC students put this into practice by sharing what they cook with friends, caregivers, and employees. To do this, they created a schedule with the help of their teacher for with whom who they would share their food. Of course, there was a specific day in which they enjoyed the food themselves too! All of this was thanks to their effort in the kitchen.

The ABC students are very satisfied with their work. Ivana*, 18 years old, shared, “Learning to cook is fun! I really like sharing our food with other people because they always tell us we have done a good job.” She thinks sharing their food is what makes their cooking class more special because they are able to show people they are actually learning. Eloy*, also 18 years old, adds “At the beginning it was difficult to learn some things. It was overwhelming, but with time, we got better and now we can fry plantains, cut vegetables, make rice and other things.”

We are pleased to announce that the school will continue this workshop next year. Just as it was last year, the school hopes this workshop will continue to be a great success!

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator




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