Celebrating 12 Years of Blessings from Heaven

Father William Wasson passed away on August 16, 2006. Since then, he has become an angel for all of the NPH homes.
August 20, 2018 - El Salvador

12 years have passed since Father Wasson passed away. Today he lives in our memories and hearts.

Today, we pray to heaven to thank God for the life of Father William Wasson, who was the founder of the nine “Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™” homes. He was an admirable man who always thought about helping others; as he once said: “My very soul cries out and forces me to go where there are starving children.” Thanks to his generous heart, nine homes opened in nine different countries, including El Salvador. Father William Wasson’s soul left this world on August 16, 2006, leaving behind many broken, but thankful hearts.

At NPH El Salvador, we commemorated Father Wasson’s life by celebrating a mass. Father Raymundo Webb celebrated the mass, and he talked about all the generosity Father Wasson had throughout his life. “Let’s live with Christ’s peace and remembering Father Wasson’s love,” Father Ray said at the end of the mass; it was a beautiful service.

Our National Director, Olegario Campos, grew up in the NPH home in Mexico. There, he had the opportunity to work directly with Father Wasson for some years. Thus, after mass, Tío Ole –as we call him- shared some special memories he has. “I remember Father Wasson used to wake up at 5:00 am every single day. He would do his prayers, some exercise and then he had breakfast. He worked a lot. Sometimes he would go to bed around 11 pm.” Tío Ole likes to share the good moments he lived with Father Wasson to keep him alive in the lives of our children, many of whom did not meet him in person. “Father Wasson wanted all of the NPH children to be grateful for what they had. He always tried to provide the best for all of his children.”

Among the beautiful memories Tío Ole has, there is one that he remembers quite well. “I remember Father Wasson used to call all of us ‘My dearest son’ because he was not able to remember all our names. So, one day one of the boys asked him ‘Why do you say that each of us is your dearest son?’ and Father Wasson simply answered: ‘Do you have a doubt about it?’ and the boy answered: ‘No.’ In that moment he taught me a lot. His heart was so big that he considered each of us his dearest son.”

After sharing the memories of Father Wasson, Tío Ole invited us to share the snack that Father Wasson always brought to NPH El Salvador: donuts. Every time Father Wasson visited our home, he used to buy a donut for each Pequeño. We want to keep that tradition alive as well in memory of our beloved Father William Wasson.

All of the children and staff at NPH El Salvador thank God for the wonderful human being that Father Wasson was. His legacy was the blessing many of our kids needed. Father Wasson will always live in our hearts and minds.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication Officer




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