Angels Secretly Working for our Children

We are grateful to everyone who helps support our mission.
May 4, 2018 - El Salvador

A group of girls using body lotion they received thanks to a donation.

When one becomes a parent, one’s life changes in all ways. However, there are also many expenses involved in the whole experience, and these need to be added to one’s budget. That is the case of our beloved home, with the difference being that we have more than 170 kids to raise. However, NPH works well thanks to the support of different people who donate to our work of love, and help us to continue providing our kids with everything they need to live well.

As Mother Teresa once said, “Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love.” How right her words were. Helping others is about love, and in our world full of problems and difficult situations, it is impressive to find people with large hearts who offer their help to the ones in need. NPH El Salvador started working for children in 1999, and throughout the years we have been blessed receiving support from different persons, companies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Claudia has been working at NPH for more than 16 years, and she has been helping work with donations we receive. She has seen many companies and NGOs donate different items, like cleaning products –disinfectant, bleach, detergent, etc.-, medicine, food, basic grains, personal hygiene products, etc. Currently, we receive donations from 15 companies, independent families, and NGOs – a real blessing, because without their help, we would definitely face difficulties to provide everything to our kids. For Claudia, this kind of help makes the difference in our kids’ lives.

“We are an extended family, and receiving that support from different people and companies makes a huge difference in our daily lives. Our mission is to give our kids everything necessary to have a brighter future and grow up in a family. We are able to do so thanks to the persons who support us and help us to be a family for our kids.”

Claudia works in an office that is located outside our home; her office is in Santa Ana, a city nearby. From there, she organizes everything related to the donations, and even though she is not in our home when the donation is given to the kids, she feels satisfied that her work has been great help for the kids to receive support.

All the NPH El Salvador family is very thankful with those angels secretly working for our kids. We know that without their generous hearts, we there would be more challenges to provide our children with everything they need. Of course, there are always needs to be met and we also know that there are more people outside who might be interested in helping. To all those people looking to join and support our family, we kindly invite you to learn more about out work of love.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication Officer




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