Learning About Water Care at School

The importance of teaching about water from a young age.
April 30, 2018 - El Salvador

The science class started with a video where students were able to learn more about water care.

"Seeing the children grow up, reach their dreams and knowing that I have contributed to their learning process are things that I really enjoy about being a teacher here." During the 10 years that Sandra has been working at the NPH School, she has become aware of the importance of teaching children about water care so they adequately use the water they have access to. This year, she is teaching 6th graders; Science class included a topic about the importance of water, which is a matter that Sandra thinks is very essential to teach her students.

The class started with a video where the students were able to see the importance of the adequate use of water. In the video, the lifestyles of two different girls were presented. One of them had to walk a long distance to get water from a river in buckets because she did not have water service at home; the other one wasted the vital liquid in different manners. After the video, the students learned more about water, and they were asked to reflect upon what they had seen. Sandra motivated them to analyse the different pieces of advice that were included in the video so that the kids could put them into practice in their everyday lives.

Three of the students in Sandra's class shared their thoughts about this science lesson. Anita* is 15 years old. She is a very outgoing student who came to our home when she was 11. Anita learned that she needs to take care of the environment in general in order to contribute to the care of water. "I know that it is important not to contaminate the rivers because there are many people who get water from them."

Anabel* is 14 years old. She used to walk long distances to carry buckets of water before coming to live in our home, just as the girl in the video; that helped her to learn the importance of using the water correctly. "I learned that we need to be conscious about the use we give to water. We don't have to waste it. I realized that we need to be aware of the faucets around the home to check if they are not leaking."

Claudio* is 13 years old. He came to live in our home when he was seven. To him, this class was very interesting because, thinking about the future, he considers it is important to pass on what he learned to his future family. "This class helped me realize that we need to take care of water. If not, there won't be any left for our future families to use. So I will teach my future children about all of this."

The community where our home is located does not have access to water service; therefore, we get the water from a well located inside our home. There is a purification system so that the water we get from the well is ready for everybody to consume. It is very important to teach the children at NPH how to take care of water from a young age so that they learn to use it adequately. The NPH school includes different topics about the adequate use of water in the curriculum of all the classes, precisely because it is a topic that everybody needs to be aware of.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Carmina Salazar   
Communication and Project Coordinator




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