Year in Review: NPH El Salvador Helps Children and Youth succeed in 2019

Education and career support helped pequeños of all ages prepare for a future of their own making at NPH El Salvador in 2019.
January 22, 2020 - El Salvador

NPH celebrated 20 years of service in El Salvador in 2019.

Success no. 1: NPH El Salvador turns 20

On June 29, NPH El Salvador celebrated 20 years of helping children and youth. Over the years, NPH has touched the lives of more than 900 pequeños, all of whom make up our great extended family.

Since our opening in 1999, the main purpose of our home has changed in response to national legislation around child welfare. Once a home solely for orphaned and abandoned children, NPH El Salvador evolved to serve two different populations: children who live inside the home and community students. Some of our community students are sons and daughters of hermanos mayores, people who were raised in NPH and are now independent adults.

Currently, NPH supports 258 community students with scholarships spanning from early education to university. These students come from low income families that cannot afford to support their children’s education, which is the case for most Salvadorans.

Next year, NPH El Salvador will continue supporting both residents and community students to get a quality education so that each of them is equipped to achieve their dreams.

Success no. 2: The NPH El Salvador school adds new classes to help students overcome deficiencies

In 2019, the NPH El Salvador school launched three new classes: mental agility, educational support, and a playroom. All 186 students are in the mental agility program, 45 of them receive extra help in the educational support program, and 49 spend time in the playroom.

The activities carried out in these classes were previously taught during class time in each grade; however, in 2019 the administration decided to create separate spaces for each student to develop different skills and overcome various deficiencies. Having this kind of attention is a great advantage for NPH students, since most schools in the country do not provide this type of focused instruction.

Due to the great results observed in 2019, the school expects to continue offering these programs in 2020 to help each student reach their potential.

Success no. 3: NPH young adults shine in the Renacer Foundation’s Creating Hope program

A group of year-of-service young adults were accepted to the Fundación Renacer Creando Esperanza (Creating Hope) program. Renacer (meaning “rebirth” in Spanish) is dedicated to working with young adults from organizations like NPH to help them build technical skills and pursue careers. The Creando Esperanza program pairs trainees with one of several corporations affiliated with the Renacer Foundation.

A total of seven young adults from NPH participated in the program. Over the course of a year, each participant studies a range of themes, like technical training, values, self-image, and English. The students have since completed and graduated from the program. In December, the pequeños started part-time jobs while they wait to begin their university studies.

With NPH El Salvador, this opportunity is much appreciated among the pequeños. Most Salvadoran young adults do not have access to this kind of job training and find it hard to obtain employment and become independent. In 2020, more pequeños are expected to enter the program and further develop their professional and life skills. So far, six pequeños have applied and two have been accepted.

"2019 has been a real blessing for the NPH El Salvador family. We celebrated 20 years of serving children and young adults in this beautiful country. Not only have we supported our internal pequeños, but we’ve also provided scholarships to more than 250 community students of various ages. We continue the legacy of Father Wasson by helping children in need," says former NPH El Salvador National Director Olegario Campos, who brought NPH to El Salvador 20 years ago and served as its local leader until his retirement in January of this year.

"We thank God and all the supporters, donors, godparents, and friends that we have been able to continue this work of love."

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Carmina Salazar   
Communications Officer, NPH El Salvador




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